A Nation of Sheep Is Eventually Fleeced

Middle-Class America, You're the new 'N' word

It’s time to wake up and realize,

 It is now you who are being systematically discriminated against and exploited by the elite few! We must defend the American Dream. 

Wake Up White People, You’re Getting Screwed Too! 

This country has given us this great power of true democracy with our votes and we could care less.” – Jim Hill

Treatments historically reserved for us African Americans, Even White Americans are now being treated with disdain and pushed to the margins of society in order to line the pockets of the few while you fall deeper into poverty, normalized by the sheer numbers.

Your American Dream is being stolen and your children are suffering. By refusing to invest in the education and training that leads to opportunities for higher-paying jobs, occupations, and professions. Our elected officials have sold you out.

They see you as cheap labor, just like they saw us.