The great question before our country now is when will middle-class Americans, especially the white middle class, finally wake up and realize that now they are the new “n” words and are being discriminated against and exploited. If you are white, maybe you can’t see this because this kind of treatment used to be reserved for us (African Americans). But the fact is that they are treating you with disdain and you are getting poorer and poorer. They are taking the American Dream away from you and your children by refusing to invest in the education and training that leads to opportunities for higher-paying jobs, occupations, and professions. Our elected officials have sold you out to some of the super-rich elitists, seeing you as cheap labor, just like they saw us.

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“Jim Hill’s clarion call for the middle class to wake up to what is happening to them and to vote to turn the tide for a brighter future couldn’t be more timely and comes from unique life experiences. From his childhood in a single mother household in Atlanta, Georgia, to his life in public service, Jim brings wisdom, warmth and empathy to his tale of what is happening to middle class America who are victims of greed, a corrupted campaign finance system and seemingly unbridled corporate power. He gives the reader hope as he lays out an agenda of policies that will return the country to the one he first fell in love with years ago. Jim has a love of country and firm belief that Americans – if they vote – will reject the politics of hate and greed permeating the country.”

Chuck Sheketoff,
public policy analyst and advocate

“I first met Jim Hill when he was running for State Representative. Jim Hill was an easy candidate to support. He was principled, respectful of differing opinions while holding strong unwavering beliefs of his own, and committed to making a difference in other people’s lives. You get to know someone when you work on their campaign for office and they win; but, you REALLY get to know someone when they lose. I learned that Jim Hill is a really good man. That Jim Hill is principled just as much after a loss as he was in the hope of success. That Jim Hill’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of other people comes from the depths of his soul. Jim Hill’s greatest strength is his deep compassion for other people. It does not surprise me at all that he would write a book dedicated to improving the lives of working class Americans.”

Gary Bruebaker,
former Oregon Deputy State Treasurer

Title: Wake Up White People, You’re Getting Screwed Too! – by Jim Hill
Publisher: Jim Hill LLC -Febuary 6, 2017
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